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Mar 7, 2006
Trying some new stuff this year on our property in the U.P. of MI. The soil is marginal, ph in the 5.4 area tested. It's also on the sandy side in most areas & we have some pond edges too. One of the best things grown in the past has been turnips, so they will go in again. The deer dig through the snow in early Winter for them. After reading some reviews I will plant some 'Small Burnett' in areas that won't be mowed. It seems hardy & will grow in marginal soil, my buddy speaks highly of it. We have tried wild rice in the water in past years. It seems rather finicky & likes a little more flowing water than we have. This year it's time to try some 'arrow arum'. It may not have the duck draw of wild rice but the seed guy recommended it. Last Fall the price of muskrats was up near $8, so forget the ducks, let's farm the lovable rodents. Muskrats are supposed to love arrow arum, & some ducks.

I usually get the seed from Kester's, in Omro, WI. Our location is in the bush, so it does not take a picture perfect food plot to be an attraction, even something considered 'bland' in farm country will do.

We also have a few apple trees we're trying to nurse along, doing O.K. at present.


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Jul 21, 2005
I'm over on the eastern end of the UP. I actually was able to turn some dirt a couple of weeks ago but the weather has not allowed any further progress. It's snowing right now with another 4" in the forecast.

Any brassica mix is a good choice for the UP. Barnapoli rape, Dwarf Essex rape, Pasja hybrid, Barkant turnips, purple top turnips and Kale are part of my annual mix. The rape and Kale have great leaf growth. I order seed online from Welter Seed or Albert Lea seed.

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