WTT Rem. 700ML 50CAL SS

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Dec 2, 2014
I would like to trade a SS Remington 700 ml 50 cal, I had the intention to build off of the receiver but after a little research I don't want to go that route, so I am looking for a SS ml in 45 Cal that I can use BH209 not picky, the weapon I am offering is in decent shape it has a few marks from use so it's no safe queen it comes with a Simmons 4x20 scope in silver tone and a set of QD Leopold scope rings, the only bad thing is the bolt release screw is missing I acquired the weapon like that there available on line, I have no clue what the value is on this weapon but I will be fair, if you have something that fits the bill offer it up I can provide pictures if you pm me your email address and ask for what you want to see, I will pay to ship my weapon to you and you do the same my way thanks in advance