You know your're REALLY old when....

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Dec 20, 2022
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Please finish this thought: You know you're REALLY old when....

Here are two of my favorites:

... you and an attractive young woman approach a door at the same time, and instead of waiting for you to open the door and then walking through it with a faint smile and a shade of extra sway in her hips, she rushes to the door, holds it open for YOU, and asks if you need help getting to your car!

.... you look at the label on your favorite jeans and realize that the waist dimension is now FOUR inches bigger than the inseam.


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Dec 7, 2016
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I got a haircut a few years ago and got a barber right out of school. Young lady. She did the hair as I told her I wanted and when she was trimming my nech she stopped and asked, "how far down your shoulders do they normally trim?". "Stop at the collar", I said. There were maybe six women in there along with Ma and she asked me that in a normal voice level. The whole friggin shop was about hysterical.