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Would you be interested in selling just the 3006 kp1 barrel? Thanks
I will think about it a little bit but at this particular moment I don’t think so. I will mull it over

Ok. Let me know. Thanks

RE: your 10 gauge.

Are you aware that Knight is selling new TK2000's right now for $349.99? I'm in the market for a BP 10 gauge. I would be interested in hearing from you about yours.

James Sparhawk
James Sparhawk
I don't have a 10 gauge. I love my TK2000 and my new Pedersoli 12 side by side.
Hey got a messg my messg in your page was edited for in appropriate language.
I curse like a sailor & make no bones about it. I try to tone it way down in the open forum I'd rather not have to do that to remain a member.The messg was intended to be a private one, if it's in view of everyone then I am very sorry for my mistake. If you took offense to it, that was not my intent. Kind regards
It cracks me up every time I hear another guy say my wife will kill me if I get another gun, or she won't let me do this or that, or worst yet she says I have to sell my guns fishin stuff or classic muscle car etc. How I've always handled that is more guns more fishin stuff more Harley parts & ANOTHER OLE LADY until she thinks that she can TRY the same. then it's simply-wash rinse repeat and in peace. All good.
Danny Ross
Danny Ross
And then there are those of us who found the right spouse and stuck with her. Much less hassle.
My hats off to ya man & you're absolutely right, waaaaayyyyyyy less hassle. I could never do that. Well wishes
Danny Ross
Danny Ross
My wife and I both had previous relationships, so we both knew what to look for...and to avoid.
My name and address are:
Calvin J Prittie
10005 W. Pierson Rd.
Flushing, MI 48433
R U the FNG the judgmental hyper offended religious zealots in TFF drove ya right out of JUST FOR YOUR FNG SN?
I sent ya a PM tryin to meet ya but IDK if ya even saw it?
I'm in Lake City Fl with nobody to hang out with or shoot with. I'm a pot smokin rock n roller atheist ex out law old school biker, so I dont exactly fit in around here.
Hi you a Canadian also
Potato boy
Potato boy
Yes I am, Ontario boy that went north of 60 for a 20 year adventure, then met a Manitoba girl who gave 4 great sons, now semi retired in MB
Bruce, I'm fairly new here too. Look up videos from two folks, experts actually; IdahoLouis and Bestill Creations. You can find them possibly on youtube & (facebook -for Bestill for sure) I don't have a facebook account per se due to DOJ regs at our agency while I was still working ect. Idaho is a great shot and does a lot of testing and posts on the forum. Use search. Also look into sabotloader
I’ve not been able to get on the muzzleloader forum for several days. Just says the site is down. What do I need to do? I’ve seen others had same issue but it started working
Clear your cookies for that forum, and then type in the web name and hit return. The old information in your internet line from our server to your device is still reading the old, it needs the cookies cleared to accept the new. Or in time it will work.
Bruce, take a look at the top gun in my avatar. Its a green mountain barrel with I think a 1/28 twist I think. It has been used very little and last I shot it I used PR Bullets .50 cal 450 semi spitzer conicals. Would you be interested in that gun at a bargain price??????
926 203 4266 call me after 6 central time let's talk
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Hey Mark, gotcha bud, I'll hit ya up this afternoon then. I think we are 3 hrs ahead of you but i'm not totally sure. I'll GOOGLE IT LOL TTYS
Good morning Angie. I have been on the muzzle loading forum for some time, but this site is more to my liking as they aren't quite so strict on what can be posted. I don't have anything against in-line muzzleloaders, to each his own. It just seems that those on the other site are all machinists and don't believe in buying anything ready-made.
I'm glad you found this is it fits your outlook. And the other site is a bit restrictive but for those who are very die hard, it fits for them. Enjoy the site here. The guys are good here also.
Hi Knight shooter,

How would you like me to send the money for the Patriot? Do you have the tool to remove the breech plug too?