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RE: your 10 gauge.

Are you aware that Knight is selling new TK2000's right now for $349.99? I'm in the market for a BP 10 gauge. I would be interested in hearing from you about yours.

James Sparhawk
James Sparhawk
I don't have a 10 gauge. I love my TK2000 and my new Pedersoli 12 side by side.
Hey got a messg my messg in your page was edited for in appropriate language.
I curse like a sailor & make no bones about it. I try to tone it way down in the open forum I'd rather not have to do that to remain a member.The messg was intended to be a private one, if it's in view of everyone then I am very sorry for my mistake. If you took offense to it, that was not my intent. Kind regards
It cracks me up every time I hear another guy say my wife will kill me if I get another gun, or she won't let me do this or that, or worst yet she says I have to sell my guns fishin stuff or classic muscle car etc. How I've always handled that is more guns more fishin stuff more Harley parts & ANOTHER OLE LADY until she thinks that she can TRY the same. then it's simply-wash rinse repeat and in peace. All good.
Danny Ross
Danny Ross
And then there are those of us who found the right spouse and stuck with her. Much less hassle.
My hats off to ya man & you're absolutely right, waaaaayyyyyyy less hassle. I could never do that. Well wishes
Danny Ross
Danny Ross
My wife and I both had previous relationships, so we both knew what to look for...and to avoid.
My name and address are:
Calvin J Prittie
10005 W. Pierson Rd.
Flushing, MI 48433