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My name and address are:
Calvin J Prittie
10005 W. Pierson Rd.
Flushing, MI 48433
R U the FNG the judgmental hyper offended religious zealots in TFF drove ya right out of JUST FOR YOUR FNG SN?
I sent ya a PM tryin to meet ya but IDK if ya even saw it?
I'm in Lake City Fl with nobody to hang out with or shoot with. I'm a pot smokin rock n roller atheist ex out law old school biker, so I dont exactly fit in around here.
Hi you a Canadian also
Potato boy
Potato boy
Yes I am, Ontario boy that went north of 60 for a 20 year adventure, then met a Manitoba girl who gave 4 great sons, now semi retired in MB
Bruce, I'm fairly new here too. Look up videos from two folks, experts actually; IdahoLouis and Bestill Creations. You can find them possibly on youtube & (facebook -for Bestill for sure) I don't have a facebook account per se due to DOJ regs at our agency while I was still working ect. Idaho is a great shot and does a lot of testing and posts on the forum. Use search. Also look into sabotloader