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Wow !! Thanks shorty 🙏 what a great place this is ( forum) birthday day wishes from people u don’t know but are like minded! Ausome!! And Thankyou!!
hello my fellow missourian are you ready for the 26th my hearts beating now as I type this.
Yes, I am ready. Almost too ready. I almost set things up to hunt Christmas Day but I can't do that until the 2021 season. There have been previous years when we had the tree down and stowed away with time left to climb into a stand. I guess I'll focus on my lovely wife today.
Patrick McChristy
Looking forward to it! My 11 year old sons up first
Hi JD, Did you pick up the Omega X7? If not, I would be interested in it.

Cary, where are you what do you want to spend?
Cary L Pipes
I'm in mo. Not sure on price just want something decent to get us going.we have used inlines since the 80s.