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Aug 14, 2022
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After a long career building custom guns, I am offering part on my research library to those who desire to learn about muzzleloading guns. Many of the books are very difficult to find and are expensive. They are all in good condition and have been mainly in storage for the past two decades as my gunmaking focus shifted. Some have torn dusk jackets, some rough but the books themselves are in very good to fine condition. I am posting these here exclusively but will cross post soon.
Postage via Media Mail $5 per book, books under $10 must be purchased as multiples of two or more to make shipping worthwhile, I'll quote shipping price. Please post "I'll Take It" followed with a PM or email. Thanks~ Steven Dodd Hughes, Gunmaker [email protected]

Shumway Longrifle Series
Rifles of Colonial America V1, Shumway $300
Rifles of Colonial America V2, Shumway $300 Both $575
Thought on the Kentucky Rifle in its Golden Age, Kindig $75
Muzzleloading Caplock Rifles, Roberts $35

The Kentucky Rifle KRA $90
Weapons of the American Revolution, Moore $5
Kentucky Rifle Patchboxes, Chandler $170
Early American Gunsmiths 1650-1850, Kauffman $25
Pennsylvania Kentucky Rifle, Kauffman $10
Kentucky Rifles and Pistols 1750-1850, KRA $40

Armies of the American Revolution, Hogg Batchelor $6
Navies of the American Revolution, Preston Lyon Bachelor $6

Great British Gunmakers 1540-1740, 1st Edition #227 of 750 $200 K.Neal &DHL Back $250
Great British Gunmakers 1740-1790 1st Edition for the USA 1975 K.Neal &DHL Back $175
British Pistols and Guns, Glendenning $10

The New England Gun, 1st 200 Years, Lindsay $35
Hawken Rifles, Mountain Mans Choice, J.Beard $40
Fifteen Years in the Hawken Load, J.Beard $150
The Plains Rifle, Hanson $20
Sporting Guns, Akhurst $5
Pictorial History of the Rifle, Swenson $5

Soft Cover
Historic Armsmaking Technology Volume 1 $100
Historic Armsmaking Technology Volume 2 loose pages $100
Historic Armsmaking Technology Volume 3 $100
All three $250, These are impossible to find.

Early Firearms of Great Britain and Ireland, Bedford $5
Longrifles of Note, Shumway $30
Colonial Frontier Guns, Hamilton
Recreating the American Longrifle, Buchele vintage copy, $35
The Hawken Rifle: Place in History Hanson $25
Firearms Traps and Tools of the Mountain Men, Russell $10
The Scottish and Welsh Wars 1250-1400 $10
Guns & Ammo Complete Guide Blackpowder Magazine $24
Black Powder Handbook, Ramage $10