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Another Hello from Idaho

Please tell us about yourself

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Another Hello from Idaho

Postby Idaholewis » Fri Jun 30, 2017 11:46 pm

Hello everyone, i guess I should have done this before i started posting. My name is Lewis, i am totally addicted to Front Stuffers! TC's being my weakness. I own a Lyman Great Plains Hunter .54 Cal 1:32" twist, Great rifle! But stil takes a backseat to my TC's, i am a dedicated paper patched bullet shooter (no greasy fingers here!)

My journey into this Muzzleloader stuff started with a little TC New Englander .54 Cal rifle that my dad gave me, when he gave it to me i was grateful, but also had HIGH doubts that i would ever mess with it? It sat in my closet propped up in a corner for several months, one miserable cold winter day i got bored enough to grab that little gun and go try it, i shot it a couple of times and realized it was getting harder to load? (Now remember this is the very first time i had ever shot a Muzzleloader, i knew NOTHING about them) I decided to try and run a dry patch down the barrel and hopefully clear the fouling? i ALMOST got the Ramrod stuck, but i had a rubber palmed glove in my floorboard and that gave me just enough grip to grab the ramrod better and pull harder, I GOT IT OUT! I loaded it back up and shot again, i tried the dry patch again and that time it was STUCK BAD, no budging it, I headed home with a stuck ramrod! I knew i had to clean the rifle so i poured a bit of water down and let it sit a minute or 2 and was able to pull the ramrod, I proceeded to clean the rifle to the best of my knowledge, once clean, dried, and oiled up good i was pretty sure that was the last time that little rifle would ever see outside of my closet again!!

But Me being me, i sat and stewed on it, i kept thinking to myself How do people shoot these darn things at Rendezvous, etc. more than a few times without having to strip the gun down and clean?? I became interested to learn, i started reading everything i could find on the internet, and watching YouTube videos, This is where i found a guy by the name of Idahoron, i watched every YouTube video he had, in one of his videos i watched him shoot out to 300 Yards with a TC Hawken he called the 'Hotrod Hawken' that rifle became an OBSESSION of mine, I WANTED ONE!!! I watched Ron swab between shots, etc. How he cleaned his rifle, etc. I made up my mind i HAD TO TALK TO THIS GUY and see if he would share more info on his setup? We emailed a few times, then i called him, we visited for quite awhile on the phone and Ron shared everything about his set ups with me. I was very grateful for all of Ron's help, and advise in getting me going, since we both live in Idaho i offered him a trip to come hunt Whitetail deer with me, Ron made that trip and killed his first Whitetail buck with me watching him do it!! I got to shoot the infamous 'Hotrod Hawken' Ron is a like Brother to me, one of my very best friends! I ended up building my own 'Hotrod Hawken' and a few 'Hotrod Renegades' i have a wall standing full of Muzzleloaders! LOL, When i get in to something I usually go all out, And These old Muzzleloaders is one of them things! Here is a picture of me with Ron's 'Hotrod Hawken' when he came up on his Whitetail hunt with me, The rifle that started my obsession

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Re: Another Hello from Idaho

Postby herschel conyers » Sat Jul 01, 2017 8:42 am

Welcome from central Indiana. I enjoyed reading your introduction very much. Your a blessed man to have Idahoron as a friend.

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Re: Another Hello from Idaho

Postby idahoron » Sat Jul 01, 2017 10:18 am

I have been kind of off the reservation so to speak with forums lately.
Good to see you here my friend.

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Re: Another Hello from Idaho

Postby ShawnT » Sat Jul 01, 2017 7:51 pm

Welcome to the forum Lewis, Great to have you here. Yup that Ml bug bit you good and hard! :wink: I chatted quite a bit a while back with Ron about Casting my own bullets. He is definitely a great guy to work with! :yeah:

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Re: Another Hello from Idaho

Postby dave19113 » Sat Aug 05, 2017 8:00 pm


Welcome from VA :D :D
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