CVA Wolf V2 or Optima V2 for 12 year old

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Dec 14, 2015
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Hello everyone. Question as to which muzzleloader to get my 12 year old son for his birthday? He has been hunting with my CVA OptimaV2 for 3 years now and he is deadly accurate with it. Now looking to get him his own and I'm torn between the Optima V2 and the Wolf V2.

The only reason for the question is that the Optima is still pretty heavy and long for him. He can't shoot it free hand and I always carry it in and out. He uses a rest on each shot. Would the wolf be a better choice because of this? Or is the Optima just better and once he grows into it, it's a muzzleloader he can own his whole life?

Any advise would be most appreciated!!!
The wolf has 24 inch barrel. And your optima v2 has 26 inch barrel. My optima v2 has a 28 inch barrel.

Wolf 24 inch barrel 6.3 pds
Optima v2 26 inch 6.10 pd
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