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Far Sighted

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Nov 22, 2018
I didn't post at the time, but last year my son got his first deer on his first ever hunt (Oregon Blacktail), with a muzzleloader. He shot it once with my White, and finished it off with his grandmother's Traditions. It was a very respectable three-point buck:
View attachment 11379

Well, I guess he's decided he's a trophy hunter now, because he passed on a forked-horn on the first day this year because it was too small. But what do you know, it payed off, because on day three he shot one of the biggest Blacktail I've ever seen on the hoof (certainly during deer season!):
View attachment 11380

This one only took one shot from my White (60gr of Pyrodex P under a 460gr No Excuses) and he dropped where he stood. It looks like he's qualified for B&C at age 12.... I should have explained to him that he should save these big ones for me -- otherwise it's all downhill for him because he'll probably never shoot one bigger!

Oh well, maybe we'll have to move up to Mule Deer or Elk?

Congratulations to both of you. Now he has a great hobby to occupy his time.


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Jan 8, 2019
Looks more Blacktail to me but what do I know. Good on him. I love seeing game shot without scopes.

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