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Aug 6, 2014
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Has any one tried the Skinner Lo-Pro on a Whitetail? It seems like an affordable option.

It comes in two screw sizes. Are Whites tapped for 6-48 screws?

Thanks for the help.
Not the Lo-Pro but I have a Skinner "860" mounted on my whitetail. I will take a picture of mine later and post it. If you look on skinner's sight, stay on the main page and scroll down. The 860 sight matches the rear scope mounting holes perfectly. The supplied screws threaded right in. Love mine.
Wonder if it would fit a TC Renegade
If your Renegade has a small screw in the breech plug, the Skinner Low Pro will fit that hole. I believe it is a 6x48 or 6x40 screw. I have put them on several Renegades and they work great as the sight is closer to your eye as a peep sight should be.
Did the 860 work with the factory front sight?
I had to put a new front ramp on my rifle so I bought one of the 1/4" guide series .450" height fronts from Skinner. I had to file it down some when sighting in. It's currently at about .410 for just the post height. Didn't measure the over all height with ramp included. Very rugged sight system. Set it and forget it ( once its sighted in that is :) )
I know the rear sight has plenty of adjustment. I like mine to have one complete upward turn and then file the front sight to finish. That gives me a little wiggle room. I don't care for the rear peep stem to be to tall in the base (if that makes any sense?).
It does. Mine has a bead sight, I'd have to change it to be able to file.
I installed a Lyman 57SMET on my Whitetail (I know this is about Skinner sights and I’ll get there!) and love it. Took a front fiber optic sight from a Knight and had the second hole drilled and tapped for it and then took the target aperture supplied with the Lyman and drilled it out to a .410. Now just have to re zero the whole deal, but really enjoy the peep vs all the mess with scopes on Whites. Have a note into Skinner to see if they make one for my Knight DISC Extreme as well. The Knight has three holes behind the bolt but pretty sure the 860 won’t fit the spacing. Will advise once I hear back from Skinner.
I have a Nilgai hint next month here in south TX and want to use the NE 460 grain in front of 80 GBV of Pyro P to bag one. Should be a lot of fun.
I think you'll like it. I'm out now for a week. Heading out the door for a week of Elk hiking with my White.
How did the elk hunt work out? I am going to CO this October for one as well. Looking forward to harvesting one with my 504 Whitetail. What bullet did you use, wad, sabot, powder etc? Would appreciate your “vitals” so I could work up a similiar load this summer while at our NM ranch.
The elk hunt was unsuccessful. Unusually Hot Dry conditions this year. As far as loads are concerned, my go to load for my rifle is 90 grains of Swiss FFG (volume) followed by 1 54 cal sized wool over powder wad and the bullet is a 450 grain home cast conical. The bullet is from an Accurate Mold and sized at .505, I use a soft lube but not runny. Sighted on the money at 100 yds. If you don’t cast your own bullets, I’ve had good luck with No Excuses bullets and also Bullshop bullets out of Montana.
Bummer on the hunt, maybe next time as they say. Thanks for the load information, I have been using 80 grains ( by volume) of Pyro P with a 460 grain NE .503 bullet. No wad, so I might try those and see what happens. Probably going to order the Accurate mold number 59-455P and a sizing die from Swing-Lock custom dies. My gunsmith guy here in houston has a complete set of bore sizers so I used them on my White and found the .502 slug fit the bore very smoothly so will ask the Accurate guy for a mold +/-.001 and order it .503 maybe .504. That should give me a nice fit but still easy for multiple shots before cleaning.
I attached a picture if the slugs just as an FYI. I had never seen them all the way up to .625”. I was sizing my new Leman flinter thats why the dimension of.540.


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No go on the Skinner sight. Best option was to use one from their rimfire collection and not sure how well it might hold up under BP recoil.

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