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Discussion in 'Shooting Techniques and Tips' started by redear, Nov 10, 2016.

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    Having never hunted from a tree stand, I found that when sighting in and while hunting, to use the same process of 2/3 spit patches and one dry between all shots. I can see how this would not be practical in a tree stand. Since follow up shots are very slim. I will, if I need to, do 2/3 spit / 1 dry in the field just like I did when sighting and zeroing. Confidence in KNOWING where that shot is going to go, means a lot when it comes to one shot one kill. Up until 2009 all my hunting was in southern Illinois during modern (12 or 20 gauge slug gun) season, if the weather was nice I would use my T/C Encore 50cal, even during slug season, I like the extra 50 yard range. My first Nebraska Muley was taken last year at 130 yards, it was bedded broadside in snow near the base of a power pole, on the side of a hill across a valley, pretty small target. On the shot she stood then dropped where she stood. 3 Firestars and a Hornady 250gr speed sabot.

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