5-15 Range trip

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Jul 7, 2006
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Well my schedule finally allowed me to get to the range Sunny light winds temp 63. A very nice day to be at the range. Had four goals in mind for the trip and feel I accomplished three of them.

First one was to check out my Rem 700 in 25-06 last time out with it I had a terrible range day and needed to know if it was me or the gun.

Load was a 75gr varmit match bullet traveling at a avg of 3335 over my chrnograph. 100 yards resulted in this target First shot on the clean barrel was the low one on the target. The last session must of been me.


Goal number 2 was to see how the Rem 700 in 270 Win cal liked some 130 grain remington factory loads. Zero adjustments on the scope and I got this group. I think my gun likes these. :D :D


My other two goals will be covered in the inline forum.