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Jan 4, 2022
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Took the new White (Split Fire Sporting Goods) Odyssey .504 out early this morning (thanks @knight shooter!). I almost hated to shoot it it’s so pretty. I have some No Excuses conicals on the way but wanted to see what she would do with some bullets I have on hand. After a couple of caps to foul the barrel and one sighter to get the scope right on at 16 yards, I moved the target to 50 yards.

I loaded it up with 90 grV of 3F 777 and a 350 gr Federal BOR Lock. The bullet was quite loose so I made one wrap with Teflon tape around the lower portion the plastic. This gave it enough to hug the barrel. I don’t like fiddly set ups for hunting but wanted to see if I could get this bullet to shoot. I may try it with two wraps next time. Shot a beautiful .5 inch group right in the bull.

I then tried a 297 gr .502 Thor (that I have for my Omega) with the same 90 grV of 3F 777. It was loose, as expected. I tried a wrap of Teflon tape but it came right off when I tried to load it, so I tried knurling the bullet lightly to hold the tape. That appeared to be the trick - it went nicely to just about the powder then slipped the tape. Decided to shoot it anyway and then a second knurled Thor. They would be too loose to hunt with but worked in this case. The two printed a nice .6 inch group. I think I’ll do a little refining of the charge next time and may try a wad with the BOR Locks.

Not too bad for the first couple rounds shot through the rifle. These Whites really do shoot!

Now I need to sell you a bunch of great conicals that will fit that bore. :) Very nice looking rifle!

ps: you need to make a scope protector to keep from marring up that nice Leupold.
I may take you up on that! Been planning on designing a plastic scope protector. I took off the electrical tape I had on it for the photo. 😉
If you are really interested, I'll see what I've got. I know there are Bullshops and also some other beauties out there. A tongue from an old leather shoe/boot should work well. Plastic will get deformed and rubber will get you a bit of burnt smell. I used a chunk of thick rubber hose. You might want to extend yours downward and protect those rings. Ready.jpg

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